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Retreats and Days of Recollection

Feeling in a bit of a spiritual rut? Feeling as if your life is missing something? For many Christians, retreats are the door to a deeper, more enriching communal and personal faith life. St. Camillus offers a variety of retreats: weekends away, days of reflection, and even online. Some retreats are focused on youth, some on young adults, others on adults both young and not so young. Retreats are wonderful ways to step out of the daily routine, reconnect with God, while at the same time connect and share with new and old friends.

Gifts Discernment Workshop Jan. 31

discerning the pathAre you wondering who God wants you to be?

What is God calling you to do?

Where your gifts lie? 

When can you hear the call to discipleship? 

How can you devote your time and talent to the church?


If so, join us for a Gifts Discernment Workshop

in the Camillia Room on Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 9 AM to 3 PM with Brother Loughlan Sofield, ST, senior editor of Human Development magazine, author, and director of the Washington Archdiocesan Consultation and Counseling Center. 

Contact Brian Carreira (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to sign up! 

Is this Gifts Discernment Workshop for Me?

We hope so! Every Christian by virtue of their baptism has the responsibility and privilege to bring about the Kingdom of Godthrough our ministry.This is an opportunity for you to figure out how you are called to participate with St. Camillus in the many opportunities we have to serve our community.


What will happen there?

Br. Sofield is a world renowned expert in collaboration in ministry and discerning gifts, he sets the stage for this discernment with the question: Who needs ministering? You will be asked to consider moments when you’ve been ministered to as a way into appreciating a broader notion of ministry.


But I thought ministry was for the friars?

It is true that our friars have dedicated their lives to building the Kingdom of God, but the call to ministry is a call to each one of us to be instruments of God’s peace in the world. We are each called to use our gifts and talents to help others experience God’s love because we have experienced God’s love in our lives. This workshop will set us in the right direction.


Wait, so if I’m good at something, will I suddenly get called to do it for the church?

That isn’t the point for us. How we answer the call to ministry is a decision that we must choose for ourselves. The purpose of this workshop is to link your passions to opportunities with the church for spiritual growth and communities that will support that growth. Serving God through ministry can often be about having places to do those things we love that don’t fit neatly into our “ordinary” lives.


Okay, how about if I want to get involved with St. Camillus but don’t think I have any pastoral skills?

Then you should definitely come to this workshop! We are all called by God to serve in some way. This process will help illuminate how God is particularly calling YOU.